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Give thanks

Give thanks

Art Journal Note:

For this page I used some paper I had marbled using some old pink and green nail varnish! I also used a card template I have with a bird and some branches and leaves, to trace around and cut out the shapes. I simply arranged the shapes, stuck them down and wrote in the verse with a black roller pen.

Tip 1: How to marble with nail varnish:   half fill an old container (e.g. ice cream tub) with water, add some drops of nail varnish, swirl them gently with a cocktail stick or cotton bud, and then (ideally wearing gloves) dip some small pieces of paper (or other items) into the water through the coloured varnish and up out the other side.

This was my first attempt at marbling with nail varnish, to be totally honest it wasn’t a huge success – it was very messy, I didn’t wear gloves, I only managed to do a couple of scraps of paper before I gave up, and the house then reeked with the smell of nail varnish for a couple of days as the paper dried! If you are still interested in having a go (!) do let me know how you get on! I’m sure you’ll have more success than me. But it was fun to try something new and I did manage to get a couple of pretty scraps of paper out of it, and when the smell had finally faded I used the prettiest marbled paper to make this lovely little page!

Tip 2 (yes 2 today!): You don’t have to be fantastic at drawing, it’s OK to use templates! You can search online for free downloads of templates, to print off onto card and cut out. I often use these as home-made stencils to draw around or trace. I forget where I found the template for this particular bird and branches, but there are loads out there, birds, animals, nature, shapes, flowers, butterflies, alphabets….I have a few collections printed off and cut out, kept in little envelopes, that I return to time and again. I also like ones that look like labels that are good when cutting out shapes on lovely paper for journaling.

Psalm 136 verse 1

“Give thanks to the LORD,

for He is good.

His love endures forever.”

‘His love endures forever’ is found 26 times in this one Psalm! It’s the response that all the people made to the declarations of who God is, and all that He has done for His people. It’s a Psalm that begins and ends with thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving builds our faith and gives God the glory!

It’s good for us to remember with grateful hearts who God is, and all He has done for us. Thanksgiving helps us remember, and remembering generates expectancy in our hearts that God will continue to work in our lives.

Heavenly Father, I give you thanks, for you are good and your love endures forever! You are the God of gods, Lord of lords, you alone do great wonders – you are the creator of all things! Thank you that you are for us, and work in our lives. You remember us, you give us freedom and provide for all our needs. I declare today that your love endures forever. Your love will never end, never fail, will never run out.

In Jesus’ name,



Give thanks


Art Journal Note:

This verse is simply written out using a black Pitt pen straight onto the journal page. The font is copied from one I came across on Pinterest. 

“I will give thanks to you, O LORD, for you are good”

The Bible is full of praise, worship and thanksgiving to God. We are repeatedly encouraged and instructed to give thanks. Because He is worthy! We don’t need any other reason.

Yet God knows that it actually does us good to glorify His Name. Somehow, it ensures that God in His place, exalted high above our lives and we are bowed low before Him – giving Him thanks puts us in our place, on our knees. Giving God thanks and praise brings a sense of order to our lives.

“He must increase, but I must decrease” John 3v30

More of Him, less of me. How? By giving thanks continually in all circumstances. Being thankful means living out our lives knowing that all we have is from Him, by His grace.

‘One Thousand Gifts’ by Ann Voskamp is a wonderful book, poetic and rich with truth about learning to live a life of thanks. Worth reading – it could be a life-changer.

Heavenly Father, I give you thanks and praise for all your goodness. Thank you that you are good all the time, your goodness never changes, never fades, never runs out – You are eternally good. Thank you that You remain good in the midst of my good times and my troubles, joys and sorrows, health and pain, green pastures and dark valleys: You are good. Thank you that Your goodness is more than I can understand or imagine, and can be totally relied upon, depended on and leaned into. Thank you. 

In Jesus Name, Amen.