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Pursuing God


Art Journal Note:

I created this simple page today using a magazine picture I’ve had stashed for ages, I love this image of a woman relaxing on a bed, it just seems to match the security this verse offers us. Text is handwritten in a font I saw on Pinterest, with one of my favourite blue fineliner pens, the text was just ‘ripped and sticked’.

So here’s my very first blog entry, please be ¬†kind ūüôā I’m attempting to try to post something every day in October, which may be either past pages from my art journal, or something new. It may be accompanied by a bit of a ramble, or just a couple of thoughts, I’ll try not to take up too much of your time. The format may change and evolve as I get a bit more used to it all!

Today I’m ¬†sharing something new and relevant to me right here and now, that I hope will encourage you too.

For the last couple of days I’ve been reading Psalm 63 as my ‘just heading out the door in the morning’ word for the day. It gives me some ideas to think about and pray about while I’m cycling to work in the mornings. This particular verse has stuck with me both days, and today was the day to plant it into my art journal. I love the depth of feeling this verse evokes, about how it feels when our souls cling to God, yet safe in the knowledge that He has us, holding us securely in His hand. Powerfully reassuring.

Now, here’s the thing. Over the last few days I¬†have begun to read The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer and am completely blown away by this book already, and am only in Chapter 1! ¬†I only realised today that the verse he opens Chapter 1 with, is one and the same, Psalm 63 v 8! I almost didn’t recognise it, in a different Bible version (complete with some ‘eths’ and a ‘thee’) which says:

My soul followeth hard after thee:

thy right hand upholdeth me.

I always think, if God is showing me something, I need to listen, pay attention and act on it!

Well, if God shows me the same thing more than once…in different ways or through different sources, well how blessed am I? To have confirmation is very special, and Father, yes I am listening!

Thank you Father, for confirming what you want me to dwell on. Let my soul¬†follow hard after you – cling to you. Thank you that you uphold me in your right hand. And that as my soul is being stirred to pursue you, to run after you to follow and cling on to you, I’m doing so from the safety of knowing that I am yours. You’ve got me.

In Jesus name, Amen.