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Chosen to be Fruitful


Art Journal Note:

For this colourful page I drew around a cereal bowl, creating a pattern of overlapping circles. I then used some watercolour paints to colour the different segments, and when dry used a black pen to write the verse into the different areas on the page in assorted made-up fonts. Finished off by adding a few flowers and random doodles here and there.

Tip: use a hair dryer to speed dry watercolour or acrylic paints on a page. The page may curl a bit but it doesn’t really matter, it will soon straighten out, especially if you leave the journal closed overnight with your Bible on top!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,self-control; against such things there is no law. Galatians 3 v 20

The Bible has quite a few references about how we are to produce fruit. I find it a really helpful picture, to visualise myself as a plant, living and growing, needing the light, nutrients and water to grow. Putting down deep roots into God’s Word. Reaching out towards His light and goodness. Soaking in His Living Water.

And importantly: being fruitful.

The fruit I produce in my life is the direct result of how I choose to live and grow. I do have a choice, and can choose to have shallow or deep roots; I can choose to hide in darkness or reach towards His light; I can choose to run dry or soak in His living water.

I can choose to respond to Him who has first chosen me.

Jesus said this to his disciples:

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you. I appointed you that you should go out and produce fruit.”

John 15 v 16

Just stop and think about this for a moment. I have been chosen by God, and am set apart for a purpose.

In her book, ‘The Resolution for Women’, Priscilla Shirer says this:

Therefore, you can trust that He has planted you right now in the place where you will be most personally productive…you can be sure that God has planted you here with design and intention. He has selected the ‘soil’ where you’re presently growing. Every kind of season and weather you experience has had to pass through His fingers before coming into contact with you. It’s all been divinely designed to surround you with the conditions that allow your unique gifts and abilities to reach maximum potential. To grow. To yield. To produce.

And like any farmer, He expects to reap what He’s sown.

Heavenly Father, thank you that I have been made by You and am chosen by You. Thank you for planting me here and now, for a purpose. Help me to grow deep and tall and strong in You, and to produce all the fruit of the Spirit in my life that You have intended for me to yield. 

In Jesus name, Amen.