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More Grace


Art Journal note

For this page in my art journal, I used up some left over green acrylic paint from another painting project, to paint around the edges for the background. It came out much too dark and ‘flat’ so I added some vibrant teal blue over the top, in vague brush strokes. And just copied the verse with a Pitt Pen, accompanied by some little doodle flowers.

But he gives us more grace.

James 4 v 6(a)

This wonderful phrase jumped out at me from the rest of James Chapter 4. In context, I believe that James is warning about the inner battles we are fighting with our sinful nature, and the impact that the ‘pull’ of the world has on us.

While we live here on earth, we are under the influence of all that surrounds us.  We are often completely oblivious and unaware of the battle that rages for our attention, time, hearts and souls.

We are supposed to be different. We are brand new in Christ, a new creation.

In a recent Facebook post by Canon Andrew White, the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ he says:

Despite the tragedy all around us we are so aware of the presence a glory of G-d. We had a great joyful event today as I baptised a mother and her four young children. What a joy it was when the 10-year-old boy came up to me after the Baptism and said “I feel all new now I am all different” and he was.

How wonderful! This brought tears of joy to my eyes. I was baptised at the age of 9 and remember the wonderful joy of being made new, and belonging to God. In baptism into Christ we are made to be all new and all different.

When we mess up, and make mistakes, and get it wrong, when the pull of the world we live in takes us away from what God has for us –

But he gives us more grace.

James then instructs us: Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you.

Heavenly Father, I come near to you and thank you that your grace is sufficient for me. I am sorry for all the times I get it wrong and wander away from you, distracted by things that would try to separate me from you. Help me to resist the devil, as I submit to you and follow after you. Thank you that you know me, and out of your great love you give us more grace. 

 In Jesus name, Amen.