About my Faith Art Journal

Last summer I felt God gave me the idea to create an Art Journal to draw closer to Him in a new and fresh way. I had been ‘running on empty’ for too long without really realising it, and knew I needed something to change. Since starting this Art Journal I have found that it helps me to listen to God, to really read His Word, to reflect on what He is saying to me, and to record my response to God creatively. I’ve found it has been deepening and strengthening my faith.

To me, it’s a form of worship. Proclaiming the truth and the Word of God which is living and active, gets to the heart of me. Gets the words off the page, in and buzzing around my mind, and through this creative process into my heart. And I’ve begun to apply the Word of God more to situations too, using relevant scripture verses to encourage myself and even others, which I admit has taken me a bit by surprise!

This blog is about stepping out of my journal  pages and I pray that you will be blessed and encouraged by what you find here.

If you are thinking of creating your own Faith Art Journal, or if you want to see more, you might like to take a look at the blog I wrote a few months ago on the following website:

Read more about My Faith Art Journal here….



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Learning, growing and expressing my Christian faith through the pages of my art journal

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